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Club ODAT of Hanover is accepting applications for new members. Please read through the Code of Conduct below, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Our Board Members will review your application and contact you thereafter.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to provide members, guests and visitors the standards of behavior that is expected of them while on Club ODAT’s premises so as to ensure everyone can enjoy the amenities of the Club in a safe and responsible manner.

  1. Respect the rights of others to enjoy the Club facilities and services to the fullest extent;
  2. Interact with each other and employees in a courteous manner;
  3. Refrain from actions and behaviors that undermine the health and safety of others;
  4. Show due consideration for the needs of others, including the right to privacy and anonymity;
  5. Comply with Club policies, signage and lawful directions of staff;
  6. Access the Club with proper identification and fulfill sign-in and sign-out requirements;
  7. Abide by the dress code at all times: Shirt and Shoes Required;
  8. No smoking or vaping in the club building. No littering outside doors on sidewalk area.
  9. Not bring food and drinks on the premises for consumption on the premises;
  10. Not bring or hide on the body any alcohol or illegal materials on the premises;
  11. No weapons, guns, knives, fighting or aggressive behavior. Police action brought to the Club will result in automatic expulsion.
  12. Handle property of the Club with care and diligence;
  13. Not represent the Club in any dealings, unless authorized by the Board of Trustees;
  14. Not tarnish the reputation of the Club or bring it into dispute; and,
  15. At all times, we will use the Pleasant Street Door Entrance, and will NOT park in the Hanover Wellness Center Parking Lot or the York Street Mini-Mall Parking Lot, please us street parking only.

Online Membership Application

I have read the Code of Conduct. I understand that the Code of Conduct will be actively monitored by Club ODAT. If a breach occurs and can be proven, the Club will initiate disciplinary action against the relevant member(s) and/or visitor(s) concerned, which may include a warning, withdrawal of certain privileges, suspension or termination of membership or denial of access to the Club.
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In signing this application, I agree to abide by and conduct myself within Club ODAT’s Code of Conduct as detailed on the back of this application form and to pay my dues within the first five (5) days of each calendar month in the amount determined by the Board of Directors of the Club. Currently, Club dues are $25 per month or pre-paid $275 per year. I recognize the importance of respecting other club members’ rights and the property of Club ODAT in ensuring the Club’s success. I understand that membership is not valid until approved by the Club’s Board of Directors.

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